Types of Chatbots - Chatbot Infographic

Exploring the Diversity of Chatbots From a Business Perspective

There are three main types of chatbots out there: support chatbots, skills chatbots, and assistant chatbots. Which one you use for your business will depend on what you want the chatbot to achieve and how well it integrates with your business. Take a look at the three bots outlined below which will help to describe their uses and how they could be beneficial.

 1. Support Chatbots This type of bot is used to master a single domain, such as knowing all there is to know about a company. They need to at least have context awareness in order to be successful. Their main aims are to be able to answer a huge range of FAQ type questions, walk a customer/user through a range of business processes and offer an adequate shopping solution. The customer service chatbot employed by Nordstrom Rack is a good example of this type.

2. Skills Chatbot This type of bot does not necessarily need a lot of contextual awareness, instead are built with a series of set commands that have the aim of making a user’s life easier. Many of this type of bot come with a speech functionality, for example, if someone had one in their house then they could ask the bot to turn off the light, without having to get up or press any buttons.

 3. Assistant Chatbot This bot lies somewhere in the middle of the two bots explained above. They are at their most effective when they know information about a variety of topics, even if it is only a little bit. They should be able to hold a conversation and be responsive to the user, while also being entertaining if possible. An example of this type of bot is Siri or Alexa. Although both only can do so much and are slightly limited in what they can do or answer, they will still tend to give an amusing answer.

Our featured chatbot infographic:  https://www.16best.net/blog/chatbots-gone-wild/


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