The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - The Future

Virtual reality has been slowly seeping into day to day life, whether it’s through gaming, mobile phones or cinema its beginning to shape the future toward an alternative reality. 2017 has showcased a lot of potential direction the VR can take us into, but which areas are in our destined future. 2018 and the years to come are likely to bring some of these technologies which will either be enhanced by current methods or groundbreaking advancements in the
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Solo Headsets

Its already been announced that 2018 will have a key focus on the standalone headset, most companies invested in VR have released the names of their solo headsets. The new headsets will be desired for the comfort factor paired with being easy to use, designers don’t want VR headsets to be a novelty, but become something that is needed daily. To make the headsets retail for the mass public, they are going to be affordable and portable for extended

Tethered Headsets

Currently, tethered headsets are generally used for gaming by Sony PlayStation and the Oculus Rift, intentions have been made by various companies to tether headsets in a social format, almost like a new platform for social media. Being able to live through an avatar and see friend or family who is too far away to see conventionally is the next generation of VR. It’s still at the concept level but it’s a VR you can see being put into a practical use around the world both for social and corporate purposes.

Mobile Devices

Although the true advancements come from tech design with only VR in mind mobile phones are also looking to enhance their experience. With mobile app development phones with VR capabilities are becoming a need on phones, Apple is designing a laser that will be able to track distances between you and objects. So, whilst using VR is will be able to alter the experience dependent on the size of the room you’re in.

Scent Emitters

Still in the testing phase, with limited options, virtual reality giving you the ability to smell the environment. The Oculus Rift is leading the charge with this tech, they have announced the options of seven smells including the ocean, jungle, fire, grass, powder, flower and metal. It’ll be an impressive design once it's released but there’s no mention of how it will function and will it be sustainable from home. An exciting concept but it’s hard to imagine it being continuous without having to refill some part of the design, from a home user point of view.

Haptic Gloves

Seattle start-up company HaptX is creating gloves that will be able to give a VR user the ability to feel the environment they are looking at. The HaptX gloves use a revolutionary microfluid  technology that will let users touch virtual objects with their hands. The prototypes being announced are successful and the technology will naturally be a massive hit in business, social and gaming sectors. This is a VR tech you can expect to see soon, it’s still in the young stages where touch is the key selling point, but the potential is greater, being able to feel different weights in a virtual reality or the touch of another human digitally, it's incredible to imagine.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a technology that is currently used in some VR kits, but its proving to be the future of VR as well. The kit having the ability to track where your eyes are looking means the headset can increase image quality in that area and reduce it elsewhere, selected rendering will help programmes run smoother. It will also work well for social cues, whilst  involved in multiplayer gaming, virtual chatting or meetings being able to see people eye reactions in more detail will help understand the feeling trying to be expressed better. It’s still in its younger stages though, it’s an expensive technology which isn’t tempting for the masses yet but it’s easy to imagine it becoming a compulsory part of VR in the future.

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