Best Artificial Intelligence Applications & Tools of 2018

Top Nine A.I. Powered Products: 2018 Round-Up 

 Plus Six Honorable Mentions

Artificial intelligence is now growing quickly beyond Google and IBM's Watson. There are many A.I. powered tools, applications, and products emerging from all sectors. We have included a round up of our top picks, below.

neureal review

Neureal is a predictive AI supercomputer built on the blockchain, which has a limitless and infinitely scalable ability to forecast the future.

That may seem a wild boast, but the nascent technologies of blockchain and end-to-end learning truly gives rise to endless possibilities that can be applied across nearly every industry, every client--from NOAA to Lyft. Our architecture is capable of predicting a heart attack accurately enough to save a life; predict a hurricane accurately enough to move vulnerable people out of harm’s way, predict traffic and human patterns accurately enough for companies like Lyft to adjust actions and add to their bottom line. From complicated to simple, Neureal’s impact is far-reaching.

Prediction is worthless without accuracy. Our ability to harness compute via blockchain technology, coupled with the ability to create predictors out of novice users creates unsurpassed accuracy.

Folding@home + Bitcoin. Community is far more powerful than individual effort, whether measured inside company structures or global neighborhoods. Blending the two existing successes of + Golem, Neureal is optimized to be a worldwide supercomputer, capable of predicting anything with unsurpassed accuracy.

Adding the ability to pay and get paid within an open-source governance incentivizes and rewards all participants, no matter what role they play inside the organism.


Neureal’s solution is a breakthrough because it is Limitless. The network’s architecture allows users to ask Neureal about the future the same way we ask Google about the present and the past--with the same confidence we have in the results of Google’s algorithms and first page. This limitless ability creates not only the avoidance of bad things, but the ability to be a first-mover--true time travelers who can see different possible futures, make informed decisions to affect the present through actions, and impact the future one decision at a time. Whether users are companies or governments or individuals, actions based on accurate predictions will have profound impacts across every industry, topic, and social good.


There is no centralized system that can be more accurate--not Facebook, not Google--they cannot harness the massive and raw amounts of data needed to surpass what Neureal’s architecture allows. We will always be one step ahead in size and accuracy. Bitcoin itself proved the power of community, creating a distributed computing platform that is 100,000 times faster than the largest centralized supercomputer in the world.


Data science continues to hit limitations. Neureal’s ability to be agnostic to the algorithms used allows the system to be forever adaptable.

Efficiency of Data.

By giving Neureal raw data, the AI is allowed the freedom to do the right thing for itself beyond the constraints of human decision-making on the front end.

Limitless. Without limits. Beyond today.

Neureal gives humans the power to become limitless by predicting the future of anything.

"We are going Beyond AlphaGO. Humans are the unknown. Their patterns constantly change. The only way to account for this “human-factor” is by forecasting black swans, allowing humans to foresee outcomes and shift their actions, preventing the bad and capitalizing on the good. Neureal is the answer." --Wil Bown, founder and Chief Architect

“We are giving everyone the ability to matter, to make a difference in the world on a grand scale. Users will be able to predict anything they’re passionate about, from hurricane paths to the extinction of a species, to climate change, to medical advances. And, of course… Bitcoin prices.” -- Jen Greyson, CEO

pawtocol artificial intelligence

Pawtocol is using artificial intelligence to transform the pet business world, and to become the future of pet care. Drago Galenic, Director of Marketing and Sales, says: We are using blockchain, IoT, and AI to disrupt the pet industry. Pawtocol is simple-to-use artificial intelligence, designed by data scientists, economists, veterinarians, surgeons, and super-geeks of all sorts. It uses an advanced computer “super-intelligence” that can help predict and prevent disease, ensure our furry children’s food, toys, and medicines are the safest they can be, and even reward pet owners for helping everyone by scanning in more health information than anyone has ever had before. We are using an incredible small - keychain sized actually-, tri-corder-like photospectrometer that safely and painlessly analyzes and delivers a molecular-granularity “fingerprint” of a pet, it’s food, and environment to our Artificial Intelligence.

The AI pays people for doing so, coalesces and sequences our member supplied data against massive databases of medical, nutrient, toxicology, veterinary, and laboratory research as well as other trustworthy data sources from all around the world. It learns shockingly fast, and will soon figure out: Which exact ingredients are triggers for which allergies, diseases and chronic illnesses for each breed of each kind of pet, considering an untold plethora of variables, like: How much should you feed your pet? What is making it sick? What is it not getting enough of? Too much of? What makes it healthier and happier, what has the opposite effect?

Pawtocol recommends exactly what needs to be done, what needs to be stopped, the consequences, even where to buy the exact products or services your pet needs most from people and organizations our community and technology have proven trustworthy. Veterinarians can have complete and instant access to all of a pet’s provably-accurate history, and all of that data is securely owned by the person who creates it, not us. If pet owners choose to share their information, our AI gets smarter, the value of our network grows, and the entire global Pawtocol community benefits with what every piece of unique data they've discovered, making animals healthier around the world. Membership includes our “Bitpaw” currency which can be exchanged for cash or to pay other members in our ecosystem - like a local dog walker, veterinarian or pet shop. It has the ability to send alerts, for example, if an owner discovers her dog park was treated with a dangerous pesticide, or a vet indicates a local contagious disease outbreak. Our AI alerts other pet owners in the area, notifies them of the danger and tells them what steps to take, and rewards that member for discovering it.

While preventing and predicting illness, and helping pets mitigate the effects of aging, and improving their would be enough, the whole industry is transformed, too. Through our AI, advertising is precisely matched with a pet owner’s and their pet's unique needs... eliminating the cost of advertising to anyone but perfect potential customers. Pawtocol also provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional pet insurance with our AI- managed, smart-contract enforced “peer to peer cost sharing communities” and actuary models designed upon disease outbreak and planned responses modelling, allowing for unprecedented efficiencies, improvements, and cost savings.

Healthier pets, precise data, no costly infrastructure and no staff to pay means Pawtocol even returns unused “premiums” to all members of a group, incentivising them even more to keep each other’s pet’s healthy by sharing. Pawtocol was created by the market leader in selling pet products on Facebook, with deep insights into pet “parent” behavior, and are backed by some of the biggest names in their respective industries.

ghostery review

The Ghostery is a provider of free software that makes your web browsing experience faster, cleaner and safer by detecting and blocking thousands of third-party data-tracking technologies. Ghostery recently released Ghostery 8, the newest version of its popular browser extension for privacy protection.

Equipped with new default settings and a simplified user interface that makes it easy for everybody to protect their privacy and regain control over their data, Ghostery 8 combines the best of blocklist and AI-powered anti-tracking technologies to set a new bar in privacy protection.

 Since its launch in 2009, Ghostery has offered the most comprehensive database of trackers in the market; it allows users to prevent all known tracking scripts from loading, using either its default settings or customizable options. But as tracking companies constantly update existing trackers and add new ones, it would be impossible to detect and blockall trackers on the internet. To solve this gap in protection, Ghostery now has added a new technology to the blocklist-based approach: AI-powered anti-tracking for complete protection.

How it uses AI

AI-powered anti-tracking was developed by Ghostery’s parent company,Cliqz, which specializes in building revolutionary technologies for private browsing and search. Ghostery 8’s enhanced privacy protection detects and overwrites any uniquely identifying data points being passed to a third party – even trackers that aren’t caught by Ghostery’s comprehensive blocklist. The combination of these two technologies means that Ghostery protects users’ privacy better than any other tool in the world. 

 “Anti-tracking is quickly becoming mainstream – an essential part of every browser. Popular browsers such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox already offer very basic anti-tracking tools and even Google’s Chrome is implementing a limited ad-blocker, though this will almost certainly not block the vast majority of trackers, including Google’s own extensive library. While these built-in browser tools bring privacy protection to the average person, they all fall far short of Ghostery’s capabilities. Luckily, Ghostery 8 is free to download for many popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Cliqz, Edge, Opera and Yandex.” -- Jeremy Tillman, director of product, Ghostery

Pricing: Free

LoanBot is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence over SMS for new home customers. Designed to be used as a QR code or SMS text code, this chatbot will have a conversation with a potential customer, asking them questions and helping them figure out what their monthly mortgage cost would be for a new home. Realtors can use both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking versions of this bot depending on the needs of their clientele. Why it is unique: Mortgage calculators assume people know (or care) what APR and current interest rates are. LoanBot figures that out on the back-end, and only asks the necessary questions that are most easily answerable by general consumers. They tell them the total cost of the property they are looking at, but also put it in terms of the monthly cost - which is how most people (especially renters) think about how they pay for housing.

How it uses AI

This chatbot uses a form of AI in the natural language processing (tokenizing of elements, translation of monetary or percentage values). For example, when asking someone what downpayment they could afford, we accept and translate "25%", "$13,000", or "18k" into the appropriate monetary value.

Quote From The A.I. Developer

"We are dedicated to building tools that will help enable realtors to take advantage of advanced technology without having to implement a complicated process themselves - and give the best possible information to their potential clients. Those clients can interact with our service using any type of phone that supports text messaging, in English or Spanish, and get up-to-date accurate information about the mortgage process. Additionally, we've built RESTful APIs for developers working with realtors to make full use of our system automatically." -- Jeffrey Berthiaume

Quote from the CEO

"There is a massive opportunity with the incremental leads coming from people driving by houses. Most realtors don't take advantage of those free leads, so we decided to use AI as a tool to help capture and convert those leads - all from text messaging via physical signage." Elliot Bloch, CEO


The basic LoanBot service is free for realtors. Realtors can register for free on our site, submit property addresses, and generate as many QR codes as they want. We offer additional services based on customization requirements of real estate offices (such as custom scripts, or support of different languages).

spark cognition deeparmor review

SparkCognition is an AI leader that offers business-critical solutions for customers in energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, finance, aerospace, defense, and security. Recently recognized as one of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America" by Entrepreneur magazine and named to CB Insights AI 100 for the second year in a row, SparkCognition develops AI-Powered cyber-physical software for the safety, security, reliability, and optimization of IT, OT, and the Industrial IoT.

SparkCognition’s cognitive software, DeepArmor®, is utilized to prevent and detect malware with a high level of accuracy and efficacy by using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

DeepArmor® uses SparkCognition’s cutting-edge AI technologies to predict and prevent threats before they are executed and does so in milliseconds.  In 2017, DeepArmor® detected some of the most malicious malware, including WannaCry, Petya, Double Agent, Bad Rabbit and Adylkuzz.

equbot review

 EquBot's flagship product is the AI Powered Equity ETF listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker AIEQ. This innovative fund is the world's first active ETF to utilize AI throughout the investment process (IBM Watson and Google Deep Mind). AIEQ uses AI to mimic an army of research analysts and legions of trading desks to process millions of market signals and produce optimized portfolios at risk levels commensurate with the broad US market daily. Previous quantitative investment solutions utilizing AI were only made available to high net worth individuals in the form of hedge funds. EquBot's decision to utilize the ETF investment wrapper aligns with their mission to 'Eliminate wealth-based discrimination throughout financial markets' and provides access to investors of all sizes. Investors can buy AIEQ for as little as the price of one share: about $26.74. Noteworthy Quote: "We are able to combine both fundamental and quantitative investment analysis while formulating new investment insights through the use of AI." - Art Amador, EquBot - Chief Operating Officer

Other Relevant Details:

Investment Product Overview Video:

Regulated ETF Web Page:

Company Home Page:

Pricing: 0.75%


PLATO Intelligence makes hiring and HR easier and delivering simple outcomes. PLATO's AI has been developed to make life easier, which makes us unique, we need less data, less time-consuming set-up delivering human level results to automate the worst parts of HR.

PLATO uses AI to understand prospective hires, predict their success and track their performance automatically. These insights would take humans hundreds of tedious hours to reproduce.- PLATO's recruitment platform has domain automatic experience in literally any domain where we have the data. - Ishan Dikshit, PLATO's AI lead.

PLATO saves countless hours of painstaking and boring time for hiring managers in HR. PLATO also helps to build a "future-proof" team, since every person within a company is constantly being developed. - Xavier Parkhouse-Parker, CEO

voice originals

Voice Originals is a new series of voice-augmented tabletop games in development by Sensible Object. Set up the board, fire up the associated Alexa Skill, and you're ready to go! Alexa teaches you how to play, keeps score and immerses you in the world of the game. Voice Originals combines the best of tabletop and digital play into a new experience -- one that's played face to face, not face to screen.. The world of each Voice Original is brought to life through great voice acting, thrilling music and sound effects; and Alexa serves as your guide to this unique experience, teaching the rules, keeping track of your progress and even helping in times of trouble. The first Voice Originals title is a travel trivia game When in Rome, where the questions are asked by real people recorded in cities around the world. Visit somewhere new with your friends and family when you turn on the smart speaker! 

Prototyped during the Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, When in Rome will be available first as a free Daily Skill before full release in spring 2018. In the game, players choose a home city and then travel the world on Alexa Air. Players get to meet 20 real locals from cities around the world, from Mumbai to Chicago. They'll ask you questions about local customs, street food and more. Getting the answers right and nabbing elusive Souvenirs earns you Explorer Points. (MSRP $24.95)

suggestic review

An AI-powered precision eating app, Suggestic uses artificial intelligence to help people make optimal food choices for weight loss, disease prevention and health management by combining personal preferences with behavioral cues and the latest nutrition science.

Suggestic’s patent-pending technology not only allows for deep personalization of a unique eating plan that considers thousands of different parameters but it also “understands” the context in which the user is present and is able to score and suggest the best options. It’s about decision making augmentation. AI: Food needs to be understood as an information source which modulates our biology rather than simply a fuel source. 

Like a language conveying information from the outside world, programming our genes and our metabolisms for the better or for worse. We’re using artificial intelligence to decipher this language of food.

 “It feels like magic when you look at a menu through your phone and it overlays personalized scores on top of menu items. But for this to work, we had to innovate on many fronts and solve complex problems that were not apparent at first sight. Magic is always very difficult to accomplish.” – Victor Chapela, CEO

Pricing: Free and paid membership starting at $9.99/month

Honorable Mentions


AVA (Analytical Visual Assessment) is Adhark's new enterprise image performance platform that harnesses patented artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the visual preferences of consumer audiences, inform creative decision-making, and measure the resonance of imagery. Ava™, the artificial intelligence within the Adhark Platform, augments, informs, and guides creative thought that helps brands engage, grow, and convert target audiences through more impactful visuals.    

“We are leading the world into a new era of quantified design,” said Jehan Hamedi, founder and CEO of Adhark. “I predict the only brands that will prosper in the next 10 years will be those smart enough to make imagery the imperative and stop guessing on what will resonate.” 


Everlaw’s software product includes several powerful features. The most relevant AI and machine learning features are described on this page: Everlaw’s system empowers lawyers at major corporate law firms and state attorneys general offices to quickly uncover the most relevant documents in large file troves during investigations and litigation.

The machine learning features are entirely user-defined. Once an investigative team has indicated the documents relevant to user-defined codes and categories, the computer will identify additional related documents, and help teams flag any they may have overlooked. This speeds the process of investigations, and helps Everlaw’s customers uncover wrong-doing more quickly than ever before.


MapD’s database analytics, paired with lightning-fast visualizations, can be seen in action on their demos page: The impressive response time is more powerful than any product description. However, details of the system are found on the product page: Among the use cases for MapD, it can be used for feature engineering - the selection of which factors are important in programming an AI regression. Managers can quickly visualize why the black box might be doing what it’s doing, or to predict how the AI model might behave before the neural net is trained. Product areas and industry verticals where MapD is being used are details on the "solutions” page.

Intelenet AI & Next-Gen Travel Automation Solutions

Intelenet’s solution, iFARE™ automates the fare and compensation rules identification process, creating more accurate compensation figures for customers for what they can expect to receive when their flight is delayed or cancelled.  Utilizing this AI-powered tool, agents no longer have to review these rules manually, risking the insertion of errors into the system.  iFARE has so far been able to speed up the average handling time for customer requests by 12 percent, while at the same time reducing customer service costs by 30 percent.  Intelenet’s travel clients have experienced a multitude of benefits from the iFARE tool, including a 54 percent reduction in retail losses due to its ability to automate fare calculations.

Intelenet’s iLoad solution addresses the “product or contract loading” process in which hotels, airlines and other travel service providers submit their rates to travel agents, both on and offline.  A surprising number of travel services providers enter these rates manually, leading to huge retail losses.  For instance, if a $700 room is mistakenly entered as $7, customers will come in droves and most businesses will honor the advertised rates, even if they are wrong.  iLoad technology is capable of reading data off any source and accurately upload it, driving an on-average 30 percent improvement in productivity.


Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI), is an industry leader in AI with use cases in media, public safety, government and legal will be sharing how their platform, aiWARE, uses machine learning to deliver unprecedented insights by unlocking data from linear files such as radio and TV broadcasts, as well as public and private content globally. Only Veritone’s AWS-certified platform offers orchestrated multi-engine cognition, addressing a broader range of business and organizational challenges, while identifying new opportunities for growth. 

To see this in action...
Major sports organizations like ESPN and professional teams use Veritone to maximize their audience reach, fan affinity, and ultimately, sponsorship revenue. 

Veritone offers 360 degree sponsorship analytics that:
  • Verify campaign delivery 
  • Reaffirm sponsorship value with shareable analytics
  • Provide in-game detection of logo, speech and text
This extends content by...
  • Engaging audiences with social media pushes
  • Leverages web widget to create digital ads
  • And helps brands discover content through an expansive media index.
Here's a cool video on Vimeo that makes it easier to see the platform in action via Nascar.

"Conductor chooses the best engines for each job, combining them where needed, resulting in significant gains in accuracy. Our newest version of Conductor currently being tested has delivered outstanding performance gains – with low-quality media sources, the best single natural language processing engine on our platform performs at 75 percent accuracy, but with Conductor selecting and orchestrating multiple English-language engines within the platform, we have achieved accuracy levels of 82 percent." --Chad Steelberg 


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