AI Writer Review - Spinner Tool Fails Our Test Review - Artificial Intelligence Article Writing Tool 

By Leon Yongse 

I've been using dozens of SEO writers to create content for over 20 websites I have, and today I thought, why not try (here's the official website). Well, the first thing it does is ask you if you'd like to test this artificial intelligence article writing tool, note below: 

ai-writer review
So, I put in my email address, and selected a longer article, 600 words, for the's robot to write. The keyword I selected was kamar-taj, from Marvel's Dr. Strange movie. It said it would take a few hours to write it and i would get something to my email address, and here is the response.....


AI Writer

3:19 PM (25 minutes ago)


Good news, the article you requested has been finished and can be accessed through the link below:


Attention: By clicking the link, you confirm that is allowed to send you e-mails.
A link to revoke this will be sent with every of our e-mails.

Please note that articles might be deleted during testing phase, so you might want to save the ones you like.
If you have questions or feedback, you can directly reply to this e-mail.

Have a nice day,
Your team at AI-Writer

Fabian Langer
Rüdigerstr. 5
93053 Regensburg



Above is the message on the ai-writer website.  


In this case, the ai writer test failed. 

In the next test, I input the keyword "Line 6 Variax Electric Modeling Guitar" and when i received the 600 word article back, and ran it through a unique test for plagiarism, i found a lot that was copied, even if it does include references, that's not good enough. 


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