Micromasters - Artificial Intelligence - EDX Worth It?

Artificial Intelligence EDX Columbia Micro Masters Course Good or Bad Value?

By Brad Newton
Columbia SC

micromasters artificial intelligence course cost
Source: EDX
Did you really think open source education would last for free? The new trend for the so-called open source MOOC platforms like  EDX is what's called a micromaster's program, and a big star in that micromasters is AI education.

So if you wanted a master's degree in artificial intelligence and instead thought, hey why not a micro masters program like this one: https://www.edx.org/micromasters/columbiax-artificial-intelligence - then know this - this sucker will set you back $946 for four courses, which are pretty much just fluff, so how are you really going to use it to beef up your AI resume?

Many developer types are self taught anyway, so instead of wasting the money on this, that a grand this course costs, buy some real AI books, join a AI meet-up, and learn something real about artificial intelligence. Just my opinion! What's yours? Comment here.


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