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What Is a Artificial Intelligence Java Developer Salary Range? | Answer

By Paul Markus
Java Developer, Denver Colorado

AI programmers using Java work using Java to develop complex AI applications and even AI software that is dynamic and responsive, and ultimately commercialized. No matter what kind of AI application development project it is, chances are that you’ll find a Java developer from the very start as this is a well rounded language with many Java AI libraries (here's a list) already established. This is one of the reasons why a Java developer salary for junior developers are so good, if they're breaking into artificial intelligence. 

These types of java developers are needed at almost every stage of an artificial intelligence development project which makes them an essential part of any development team in this ever-changing technological landscape. To become a AI-Java developer, you usually need a graduate degree (a good start is MIT's course to learn about AI) along with having good communication skills to work alongside other people (yes, we said people, not machines!) on team projects, although there are naturally exceptions to the whole degree requirement, especially within the tech world.

The average Java developer salary per year is $69,722 but depending on your location it can increase or decrease to anywhere between $47,169 to $106,610 per year or even more!

Java Developer Salary - San Francisco & Seattle 

Currently, the highest Java developer salary is being offered by San Francisco at $88,733 followed by Seattle at $88,559.

More popular companies in San Francisco like GQR Global Markets, AppleOne, and pay well over the general national average. This is the same with any other city. More established companies with higher skill requirements generally tend to pay more.

Entry Level Java Developer Salary 

Entry level Java Developer Salary was reported at an Average Salary of $79,203 whereas for experienced developers the pay scale rise to be around 120,805. Seattle, on the other hand, has an average of $47,169 to $106,610 per year for entry level java developers whereas the for senior java developers, the Java developers salary was reported to be around 110,975.

Java Developer Salary -Washington DC & New York City

Java developer salary in Washington and New York is almost as impressive as San Francisco with a Median Pay Total of $84,622 and $82,860 respectively. The average Java developer salary for an entry level Java Developer in Washington is $84,622 whereas for a senior Java developer in Washington, DC is $103,732 and goes all the way up to $192,000.

Similarly, the average Java developer salary for an entry level Java Developer in New York City is $82,860 for entry level developers whereas senior java developers can expect to earn $116,850 per year and up!

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