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The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - The Future
Virtual reality has been slowly seeping into day to day life, whether it’s through gaming, mobile phones or cinema its beginning to shape the future toward an alternative reality. 2017 has showcased a lot of potential direction the VR can take us into, but which areas are in our destined future. 2018 and the years to come are likely to bring some of these technologies which will either be enhanced by current methods or groundbreaking advancements in the

Solo Headsets

Its already been announced that 2018 will have a key focus on the standalone headset, most companies invested in VR have released the names of their solo headsets. The new headsets will be desired for the comfort factor paired with being easy to use, designers don’t want VR headsets to be a novelty, but become something that is needed daily. To make the headsets retail for the mass public, they are going to be affordable and portable for extended

Tethered Headsets

Currently, tethe…

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