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Artificial Intelligence Development Management - Best Practices

Best Practices in Managing Artificial Intelligence Software Development Units By Peter Ludzen
There are many companies now engaged in the work of developing artificial intelligence. What is it like to be a manager in one of those companies? We interviewed a developer at a top development company (yes, it's probably the one you're thinking!) to understand more about ai development best practices.
But, first, let's look at what companies are developing ai (source): Deepmind, Google, Facebook, OpenAI, Baidu, Microsoft, Apple, & IBM - Watson. Your company not here? Comment or email us at info @ to include it.  If you need to back up a step to learn what AI is, watch this video.
Here's the short Q&A: 
What kind of ai projects are you working with? To avoid leaking the name of my company and exactly what we're doing, I'll just say, we're working on state of the art ai virtual assistant. What are the obstacles to universal adoption of the tech…

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